DC Drives

DC Drives

We are Authorized Siemens Dealer, Distributor and Automation Partner in Pune (Maharashtra, India)
With DC drives from Siemens you can significantly reduce drive technology costs. SINAMICS and SIMOREG converter families deliver top performance and integrated intelligence for maximum availability. Perfectly aligned to our DC motors, our DC drives offer maximum availability and user friendliness.

SINAMICS DCP is a highly innovative bidirectional DC-DC converter and completes our offering for grid applications. It suits perfectly for industrial as well as for multi-generator applications.

THYRIPOL excitation system is suitable from low to high power classes, mainly in hydroelectric, gas and steam power plants and set itself apart with the high level of reliability and efficiency.

The SINAMICS DC MASTER is the new generation of DC converters from Siemens. The name SINAMICS DC MASTER - briefly: SINAMICS DCM - stands for the strengths of this new generation. It combines the advantages of its predecessor - the SIMOREG DC-MASTER - with the advantages of the SINAMICS family. Available in two different unit versions, SINAMICS DC MASTER can be optimally integrated into each plant or system :

  • SINAMICS DCM DC Converter, the chassis unit that can be universally used
  • SINAMICS DCM Control Module, to modernize existing plants and systems, especially for very high power ratings
  • SINAMICS DCM Cabinet, the ready-to-connect and ready-to-switch-on drive cabinet for all DC drive applications

  • The SINAMICS DC MASTER Control Module offers the optimum solution when retrofitting and modernizing existing DC drives. Contrary to the SINAMICS DC MASTER DC Converter, which comprises open-loop control, closed loop control and power unit, the Control Module is especially used if, as part of the modernization, the power unit of the existing plant or system should be kept. When it comes to quality, reliability and functionality, the SINAMICS DC MASTER Control Module is exactly the same as its predecessor - the SIMOREG CM; however, when it comes to functionality, it offers new features from the range of the SINAMICS DC MASTER.

    There are many plants and systems with DC technology, which in the present version, can no longer be coupled to state-of-the-art automation systems. When retrofitting or upgrading these plants or systems, the existing motor, mechanical system and power unit are kept and the control unit is replaced by the Control Module. Therefore you can obtain a state-of-the-art DC drive at an extremely favorable price with the full functional scope of the well-proven, fully digitized units from the SINAMICS DC MASTER series.

    The flexible design as well as the additional pre-assembled cable harnesses and mounting parts and components that are available, simplify integration into existing plants and systems. Adaptation to the configuration and to the power data of the existing components is realized through simple parameterization.

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